08 November 2007

Mobile farm stall

I thought this was a rather novel farm stall.

It is situated on the road between Port Elizabeth and Cradock, just beyond the Oliphants Nek Pass. That is unless it has been moved somewhere else. Electricity was supplied by way of what looked like a 500 metre extention lead coming from the homestead - definitely not a safe arrangement.

Like most good coutry stalls the main product on sale is biltong (jerky).

These guys know that most South Africans cannot resist resist the stuff, its a local passion. Not everyone's favourite though. We once offered some to an Autralian guest, who tried valiantly to eat it, but was too polite to say he did not like it. We let him suffer for a while, before saying it was ok to leave it. This was definitely not a problem as there would be more for us.

I can only imagine it is the farmer's answer to crime. What a good way to safeguard your product and stall. But then it also makes relocating your shop to a busier location much easier.


Lynette said...

What a hoot! There's a jerky point of sale on the 18 highway to the coast, but it's mobile only because it's out of the back of a pickup truck. The wind appears to have been brisk when you took the photo which makes for neat-looking flags.

Ackworth Born said...

I hadn't a clue what biltong was but a quick google not only answered the question but brought up the site of a UK supplier. At £2 for 100gram and a minumum order of £50 I don't think I'll be trying any some time soon.

Max-e said...

Hi Lynette
So this habit is not confined to South Africa.
We have some extremely windy days here, in fact Port Elizabeth is known as the windy city. I am used to it though. If the wind does not blow it gets quite hot.

Max-e said...

Ackworth Born you have not lived. You should try and get some - I grew up on the stuff, but I hear it is an acquired taste, so don't buy ₤50 worth.
As for your prices, they are extortionate. Our prices are half that.

Old Wom Tigley said...

Every thing in Endland is Extortionate..
I've tried and liked 'Beef Jerky' which I'm told is similar.
I do like the resorcefulness of the farmer.

Max-e said...

Hi Tom
I think the two are the same - you will find that the taste may vary, depending on the spices used. We do have our favourite suppliers

Shrink Wrapped Scream said...

I've never had it, but I wouldn't mind trying! Looks like someone has already sourced a supplier for me. My daughter's best friend is South African, I must ask her mum about it..

That vendor is obviously bonkers - I'm starting to think it goes with the territory (wink).

Max-e said...

When you get it Carol, I hope you enjoy it.
I think that that vendor is catering for the many South Africans in England, they'll pay anything to get their hands on the stuff, if deprived for too long.

Oswegan said...

That thing is awesome. I love the bridgestone/ firestone flags.


Oswegan said...

And the guy leaning against the wall - that's great.

You should do a photo essay of them.


Max-e said...

Hi Oswegan
We have some very unusual stalls around here. As for the flags, well let's just say they were not selling tyres

Unfortunately this was the only photo I took