13 May 2008

Tuesday's Trees # 5 - California Redwood

In case you are mondering I have not been to California. These Redwoods were photographed at the Arboretum at Hogsback.

Whenever we go to Hogsback our first stop has to be the Arboretum, just to be able to stand under the Redwoods and soak in the atmosphere. I find the shear size of these trees amazing.

As you look up the branches seem to reach right up to the sky. They were planted over a hundred years ago.


photowannabe said...

Well this certainly gave me a start. I thought you had come to visit me. We only live 2 hours from the amazing Cal. Redwoods.
You got wonderful pictures and I think its great that they are growing successfully there.

Andrea said...

I love the from under aiming straight up shot. Amazing. Great shot.

LiD said...

Hi Max-e,I really love red wood trees. My parents have one in their garden and it is only a baby really at approximately 12 feet tall. I know I won't be around to see it grow as large as those in your photos but I love that it might be there far into the future. They have a large garden so hopefully no one will want to remove it.