08 November 2010

Flowers of the Eastern Cape #22 - Proteas

The Eastern Cape is alive with flowers at the moment and a trip to the van Staden's Wild Flower Reserve is well worth the visit.

This Protea Eximia is looking quite spectacular with the back lighting. 

The Pincushion protea (Leucospermum cuneiforme) is putting on a magnificent display.


Shirley said...

Such a gorgeous and exotic looking flower! It is a favourite with florists here in Edmonton!

Firefly said...

The Proteas at the Van Stadens Wildflower Reserve is stunning at the moment.

Sreddy Yen said...

Wow, these are lovely proteas! I wish I could have a few in my back garden ^^


Kcalpesh said...

These are awesome captures! Love the red flower..

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Melanie Statnick said...

Hey MaX,
These are wild! I have'nt seen anything like this. This is why i love your blog.

Anna said...

Something like that would only grow inside our houses. One year I visited Singapore, and I was surprised how many of my house plants grew on the side of the road, lol. Anna :)