20 November 2010

Give credit where it is due

I feel that I must give Blogger credit where it is due. The recently added spam filter is great.

Spam messages have been a source of frustration for many bloggers and as a result we have had to resort to measures such as word verification to stop these cyber predators. Let's face it, using these measures is a pain.

In the past I would often get about twenty spam messages dotted throughout my site and would have to go to each post to delete the offending comments. The only way to stop it was to activate word verification.

Thanks to blogger I have now deactivated word verification and all I have to do these days is delete the spam messages after going to the Blogger comments tab. If any spam does happen to slip through, it is a simple matter go to the comments tab, locating the offending message and pressing the delete button.

All in all this again makes commenting easier and pressing the delete button once a week is not a problem

1 comment:

Rose said...

This is good to know...I had noticed the comments tab but had not really noticed what it was for.

I had changed my settings till all I had to approve comments on posts older than 3 days old, plus no comments from anonymous comments, and that worked well to keep the spam off my blog...