02 November 2010

Just Harvards

What would any airshow be without its display of Harvards. Originally built as training aircraft way back  in the 1940's, these aircraft have long since been moth balled as trainers and now reside in private collections around the world.

This gracious old lady in the old livery of the South African Airforce, was on display at the Port Elizabeth Airshow this weekend. I remember watching these in the skies over Pretoria, well over 50 years ago. I think she belongs to the SAAF Museum.

ZU-AZX, in the livery of the USA Navy, belongs to Stu Davidson and is waiting for it's turn in the skies

ZU-AZX being taken through her paces.

As old as she is, she still has what it takes.


Firefly said...

I love the deep sound of the Harvard's engins when they go overhead.

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

I have been enjoying all your planes Max. These bring back LOTS of memories. In the 60's I lived in the military camp in Potch and our house was the last one before the airstrip. These and others used to go zooming over our house and I would sit on the roof and watch them practicing. Some of them, like the old Dakota's, I could almost touch the wheels of when they came over.

Great posts and pictures.