06 June 2014

Adventures with Koos - Tankwa Karoo

Take an elderly couple and put them in an elderly 4x4 and hey presto you have a recipe for travel, to all the weird and wonderful places they have never been able to get to before.

That's me and Suzie and Koos (aka Hyundai Terracan 2.9 CRDI). Maybe I should also mention that we have some eccentric habits like naming our cars, cameras and whatever else takes our fancy. Let's face it, giving them names is a lot more fun than sticking to the generic trade name - it gives them a personality and makes them part of the family. I'd better stop right here, before someone decides to lock me away....

The adventures with Koos are about some of the interesting places we have visited on our travels around South Africa. Many of these are places that have been on our bucket list for many years, but were not accessible in our "platkar" (that is 4x4 speak for a low slung two wheel drive vehicle).

Last year in Spring we traveled to the Northern Cape to see the flowers and to visit one of the driest places in the country - the Tankwa Karoo. That was not to be, because we arrived after record rains and were greeted by a magnificent show of colour and plenty of water.

We are seen here, unbeknown to us at the time, heading the wrong way down the Leeuberg 4x4 Trial - it was fun though.

I am not sure if I should be looking forward to the next adventure in which we will be heading to the North, where foul weather and snow are predicted.  Yes, Winter is finally here and is coming in with a vengeance. Watch this space for the next Adventure with Koos.

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katney said...

I name my sewing machines. Two in particular are Enrico Caruso and Jenny Lind. They are old Singers. I no longer have Elvis as it was not mine but resided in my classroom before I retired.