08 June 2014

Who's the boss

At the Addo Elephant National Park you don't just see elephants you "experience" them.

This bull was one of a small herd that passed through a group of cars that had stopped to watch their approach. The photo is made dramatic by the foreshortening caused by my 120-500 mm lens, but even so the guy was close and it shows his size well, in relation to the car. When you have encounters like this it is awesome and you realise for just how long you are able to hold your breath.

The Addo elephants are generally very placid but that does not mean that we must be complacent and take them for granted. When we in the park we are in their space and we must respect them and not do anything to provoke them. If they show any sign of aggression back off.

When a bull happens to be in musth, which is very evident from the secretion coming from a gland between his eye and his ear, give him plenty of space, because during musth the testosterone levels increase and they become very aggresive.

So, who is the boss? You had better believe this guys is.