25 January 2008

Sunset Cruise

We we invited by a member of the Algoa Bay Yacht Club to join them on a sunset cruise on Wednesday evening, to take photos for the Port Elizabeth Daily Photo blog site.

Armed with our cameras Sue and I gleefully accepted the invitation.

Those of you who followed my last disasterous trip to the ocean, may be surprised at my decision to once again risk reinforcing my membership of the chummers club. No fear, this was a cruise, not a fishing trip where the boat is anchored and rocks in ten different directions at a time.

What a great bunch of guys we met. We were invited to join Doug on his yacht "Take Six", with three other passengers.

As a land lubbers we warned our new found nautical buddies that we were dead wood, as we knew absolutely nothing about the gentle art of yachting and were assigned positions where we would not get in the way.

I think they were more concerned about whether we were likely to redecorate the yacht. I am happy to say our assurances did not let us down.

There was a brisk south westerly wind and a flat sea and the trip took us from the harbour to Shark Rock Pier and back.

Clarify leaving the harbour above.

Homeward bound on a gentle sea. I must say I did speculate on how I might have handled a stormy sea and decided I like being a fair weather sailor

All in all a great trip, with some nice photos . Sue and I will definitelly take them up on the invitation to come back again

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Kerri said...

Sounds (and Looks) like Lots of FUN! Glad it was calm out there....I'm afraid I'm one that gets seasick too!

dot said...

I hope the crew gets to see these pictures. I especially like that first one but they are all beautiful.

Max-e said...

Kerri, I have found that as long as there is forward motion I am fine. The problem starts when the boat stops and starts to wallow. Then I lose it.

Jenty said...

Beautiful photos! I especially like the one with the sun glinting off the water off the pier.

Bob Johnson said...

Great shots, I wish I wasn't so afraid of water.

Cheesy said...

I'm so jealous! It is snowing again here... sigh~~

Firefly said...

The Pier pic is fantastic

MedaM said...

These photos are fantastic. I like them all very much. The waters is great especially on the last photo.

Anna said...

Max-e lovely cruise, okay where is my spring, lol. Thanks for sharing, photos are beautiful. Anna :)