05 January 2008


My earliest memories of aircraft was of Vampires flying over Pretoria when I was a little nipper, back in the late 1950's. I would lie on our front lawn, for what seemed like hours, watching them doing circuits and aerobatics.
So imagine my delight to come across this one at the South African Airforce Museum. Who knows, it could well be one of those I watched all those years ago.


Anyone climbing into the cockpit had to be quite athletic

The cockpit is quite cramped, with little in the way of instrumentation

What a big nose you have

Side view, with the distinctive twin tails

Jet engine

About the Vampire


Neva said...

I am not sure I could or would want to get in this cockpit! Very interesting post....and thanks for your comments on my blog...I don't see the fascination with trophy hunting either....but what do I know? The store is definitely interesting.

Lynette said...

Great series of photos, Max-e. I think aviation is a miracle. I'll just bet that is your plane, for sure.

Thanks for your visits. And I believe you're right about Mama's jacket, it is monkey ball blue! What a hoot! When she feels a bit better, I shall share this tidbit with her so we can have a great laugh together.

Bob Johnson said...

Love the jet, especially the double tail wing!

Merisi said...

Vow! :-)
And I can see your camera handles low light situations really well. Thank you.