19 January 2008

Which one is the prison?

So which of these two is the prison?

This one?

Or this one?

Well, actually they both are - one for real the other is symbolic of the levels of security that we have resort to to protect ourselves and our property from criminals.

The first one is the SA Red Cross Society, near our home and the second one is the St Albans Prison, out in the country.

As you can see nothing is sacred. It is a sad indictment on our society that certain unscupulous elements force us resort to such measures for our own safety. We end up living like prisoners in our own homes.

Let's hope that the promises of our leaders start to bear fruit and that the scourge of criminals is removed from our streets.


Jenty said...

There isn't that much difference in the level of security in either picture. Scary that!

Bob Johnson said...

So true!! just got myself a big ole security system, we have had a lot of break ins this side of town, and I'm on the good side, scary.

dot said...

I guess it is the same the world over. Our prisons are over running.

KOSTAS said...

They will not never stop them, because simply will not stop NEVER the social unfairness from the state.
Is big the problem in all the states of world.
Always it will exist, as long as exists the war between the good and villain.
WISH ALL, stop the crimes and the robberies.
It can they are decreased with drastic policing.

Neva said...

Dot is correct...it would be nice if something would change....I grew up in a town called St. ALbans....but not in South Africa!

Old Wom Tigley said...

I find it so sad that you have to do that... over here it is the same, the thugs are not bothered about prison... the police do not scare them, yet if they think YOU might harm them or you know someone who will they keep away.

It will only get worse..

Max-e said...

Mmmmmmmmm.... Tom you may have something there. Maybe I need to introduce a few of these thugs to Harry. He someties accompanies us on our walks :)