27 November 2012

Cape Buffalo

The buffalo were grazing very conentedly on the side of the road, competing with each other as they looked for the best patches grass.  For us this was great as it provided some good photo opportunities. There was the occassional "moo," not as strident as the bellow of cattle but a low, gentle almost imperceptable sound that belied their size.

The peaceful mood was suddenly disrupted by a loud scuffle, as these two buffaloes somehow got entangled. The one with its nose pressed in the dirt was trying frantically to lift its head, while the other one was intent on pushing its head down, so that it could move off. It was an interesting tussle, almost like a yo-yo going up and down, but they eventually extricated themselves and resumed their grazing as though nothing had happened.


Judy said...

Good to see you back again! I imagine this sort of thing happens often enough among the horned grazers, but it is still funny!!

Firefly said...

This picture is absolutely supurb