24 November 2012

New life - zebra

For the past five months my focus has shifted away from much of what I enjoy doing, as I have been involved in a protracted dispute in our community, which I have decided is now going to take a back seat.

It is now a time for renewal for me, to look around and enjoy the beauty of the Eastern Cape and for doing the the things I enjoy most, like indulging myself in photography and spending time in nature, especially the Addo Elephant National Park.

The Park has a harsh climate, but after good spring rains the green countryside is interspersed with large expanses of yellow flowers and splashes of pale blue where the plumbagos ramble through the bush.  In some areas where the park was extended there is still evidence of the former farm lands, where the bush was cleared, with the alien thistles making a  make a statement all of their own. I know they should not be there, but I am still captivated by their beauty.

Wherever you look there is new life like this zebra foal that momentarily separated itself from the safety of the herd, as it frolicked through the bush.

For many of us Addo holds a special appeal, because of its enormous bio-diversity and yet many people visiting the area choose give it a miss, in favour of the game parks up North. We don't only have the big five, we have the big seven - when we throw whales and great white sharks into the mix.


Merisi said...

Good to see you back!

The zebra looks so very cute, little rascal exploring the big wide yonder.

Firefly said...

Welcome back. We all missed you.

Addo is looking stunning and the southern section is really adding a huge new dimention to the park

Judy said...

He is a real sweetie!! And posing so nicely, too!!