26 November 2012

New life - Cape Buffalo

For a long time the buffalo herds have eluded us, when we did see them they were in the distance, or quickly retreated into the dense bush. We have often come acoss a mean and manky looking old lone bull on the side of the road, who would fix a beady eye on us as if to say, get out the car and let me show you what I am capable of.

Well finally our luck changed when we met a herd with a good sprinkling of calves that were willing to let us photograph them. It was almost like watching a herd of cattle grazing. It was a delight to watch this calf as she pranced along beside her mother, as they headed into the wide open spaces.


Firefly said...

I saw Sue's pics on FB and you really struck it lucky with the Buffalo

Judy said...

The calf looks like it is having fun, and the teenager is pretending she can't see him!!! Just like people!