25 November 2012

New life - Elephant

There are a lot of new elephant calves in Addo at the moment. This one cannot be more than a few days old.

I always find it so amazing how protective the herd is of its calves - it is not only the mothers who takes care of the little ones, but there is always a group of willing helpers. They can often be seen protectively surrounding a little one in open spaces, or gently drawing one back when it tries to leave the safety of the herd.


Merisi in Vienna said...

Wonderful, heartwarming scene, beautifully captured!

Judy said...

Even baby elephants look like their skins are too big for them!

Mariah Mosley said...

That shot just melts the heart oh so quickly! And because of that I’ll make sure that I visit Addo by the end of summer. I heard that the park is now the third largest in South Africa, and that they handle the safety of elephants and other animals. What Addo is doing is truly inspirational, serving as a sanctuary for elephants.

Mariah Mosley