06 February 2008

Eskom Survival Kit

Guess who has been shopping?

With the increasing power cuts we decided to make life a bit easier by stocking up on a few essentials. A new gas cylinder is a necessity - ours are 30 years old and are beginning to do strange things. Batteries for the torches and the bedside alarm. Matches and vanilla candles - may as well make them smell nicer. Then there are the rechargeable lights, which have car chargers as well - that back up may come in handy.
Oh and let me not forget the gas hob we installed early last year in anticipation of further power cuts. Other gas backups are a light, a cooking ring, a wok and a barbeque.


Kostas said...

Always they need these types that you bought, all of us him we have.

Sharon said...

Sounds like you are about set!

Annie said...

I see all you supplies and hasten to tell you that once when we had a power outage I lit all my candles for light and warmth. They were all scented. It was hard to tolerate the odors after a while and I promised myself NO MORE SCENTED CANDLES.

Amrita said...

We need all this routinely as we have daily power rostering, summer is very very bad.Candlelight dinners are not romance for us they are a nuisance...in the summer.

david mcmahon said...

Looks like you're all set, Max!!

By the way, I really enjoyed your comment about B for Bling-Wagon!!

Jenty said...

I must agree with Annie, I can't stand scented candles for an extended period.
Glad you could find supplies.

Cheesy said...

Woooo Hoooooo home camping! I myself have had enough of that this year!

Max-e said...

Hi all, thanks for the comments.

Intersting to see we are not alone on this.

I grew up with candles and long drops and it seems like I had put all that behind me - well I suppose not entirely.

The problem is not as bad in Port Elizabeth as in other parts of the country. But I am sure it will get worse in winter.

Oh I did not mention we have insulated our ceiling and have a geyser blanket so we are quite ahead of the game.

Anna said...

Max-e great idea, as a matter fact all we have in the house is flash light, and that would not get us far in times like that, especially during these cold weathers like -30C. Thanks for the reminder. Anna :)