16 February 2008

Taking flight

cTime for some more aircraft shots from the 2006 Port Elizabeth airshow.

The C47 TP Dakota coming in to land has replaced most of the old Douglas DC3 piston engine planes used by the SAAF.

In 1994 a project was launched to modify all Dakota aircraft to turbo prop status. One of the features of the C47 TP is an extended the fusilage. I believe that the large window on the starboard side is the toilet window.

The cruising speed of the C47 TP has been increased from 250 to 330 kph and their range bas been extended from 2500 to 4000 kms. They have an increased payload of 1000 kg.

The grey and white livery indcates that these are used for maritime patrols


MedaM said...

These photos are great. The second photo I like the most.

Old Wom Tigley said...

You really know to how to get the best from these aircraft... you pictures of them are always excellent Max..
Have a great weekend..

Swubird said...


Interesting photos. I've always loved airplane shots, but as old as I am I've never been to an air show.

What's the significance of switching to turboprops? Switching from what? Toilette window? Are you serious? How high do those planes fly?

Have a nice day.

Max-e said...

Hi Swubird, the shift from piston engines to turbo prop has a lot to do with performance.
Speed from 245 kph to 330 kph
Range from 2500 kilometres to 4000 kilometres
Payload from 11,400 kg's to 12,400 kg,s
I do not know if the turboprops increased the service ceiling or not, but I imagine they would have.
The old Daks had a service ceiling of 24,000 feet.

It is amazing that so many of these old work horses are still flying. Most countries would have pensioned them off a long time ago.

In the 1970's the Rhodesian Airlines were still using these for passenger flights. I flew on them many time on the Salisbury (Harare) Fort Victoria (Masvingo) route.

Max-e said...

MedaM and Tom thanks for the comments - I enjoy photographing planes. It is not easy and most shots are duds

Anna said...

Max-e, I like birds and I also like air planes, great shots. Anna :)