07 February 2008

Meet Felicity

Ever since our Siamese cat Josh died last year in May, we have been on the look put for another one. Our quest has been fruitless and we were told that Siamese cats were very scarce at the moment. On Monday Sue received a call from Cat Care to say that they had a Siamese kitten and asked if we wanted it. What a question. The poor little tike, along with two siblings had been left on a rubbish dump. She was at the vet we were told, with a dose of kitty sniffles and could be collected in a few days.

The little waif. Did not want to traumatise her by taking too many pics.

We collected the poor little waif at 6.30pm this evening. What type of person would just dump their animals like that - that is despicable. As she is still contagious, we have to keep her away from the other cats for at least another week, so guess what she has moved into our room. For a cat of her diminutive stuture she already has a strident Siamese meow, that is disproportionate to her size.
Let me in now!

Ferguson, the brat cat with an attitude, is as equally determined to meet her, as we are to keep him out of the room. He has not let up for the past hour and a half trying to get into the room. He has tried bashing the door down and when that did not work, managed to get in through the fanlight. His intentions seem honourable, but he will just have to wait.


Introductions to Ferguson will not be a problem, but the White Thing (aka Dee Dee) is another. She is stone deaf and mean spirited and made Fergies life hell when he arrived. However, he has turned the tables and keeps her in line now. We can expect some interesting feline dynamics over the next few weeks.
The White Thing in a mellow mood

Felicity Cat in the meantime has been returned to the kitty basket, because being given free reign of the room was too traumatic for her. She has settled down and just needs time to get used to her new home but will soon rule the roost.

Welcome to your new home Felicty Cat.


Kerri said...

Oh My...She is absolutely adorable!! Congrats to the New Parents! What a Beauty!

Old Wom Tigley said...

These really are stunning cats... Our neighbour had one when I was a small child and would always come to me.. yet other kids it would go no where near.

Max-e said...

Kerri. The poor little tike should still be with her mother.

Tom. We have had four Siamese cats over the years and have never been disappointed. They have very strong characters and quickly take over

Susanne49 said...

What a sweet little cat she is already! I liked your story telling about the other "residents" too in your home.

I had total 4 cats and a dog - and everything went fine. The oldest cat made the rules in the house, even the dog had to wait in line by food time. :-)

Sonia said...

Felicity looks beautiful and adorable!

Outhouse Capital of Canada said...

Hello, I had a look through some of your recent posts, and enjoyed the Bridge with the bungee jumpers (I couldnt do that)
Do the jumpers decend to that location on the bridge arch from the bridge deck

leslie said...

Although I'm not really a cat person, yours look awfully nice. And little Felicity! What a cutie!

photowannabe said...

She's a little bit isn't she? It will be interesting to see the dynamics when introduced to the other members of your family. Keep us posted.

Max-e said...

Susanne, our record was 5 cats, 4 dogs, 40 guinea pigs, 20 chicken, a cow and 2 horses but we have decided to tone it down a bit now that we are older :)

Sonia, she is coming out of her shell now and is really quite active when awake. That is usually 3am. She spent the early hours of this morning attcking my toes under the blanket.

photowannabe the dynamics have started to change. Fergs is no longer interested in her he just meows at her and leaves to room in disgust, when he sees he.

Outhouse Capital of Canada she may be a little waif but is already a delight.

Leslie, yes she is and she is beginning to own us.

Cheesy said...


JB's Big World said...

Felicity is so cute and adorable. I am soooo glad that you adopted her from the rubbish heap. She is so grateful I am sure for your kindness!

Dragonstar said...

She's so beautiful. I hope she's thoroughly recovered now. Your Ferguson looks very like our Rinli. We knew a Tonkanese once - she talked too!

Anna said...

Max-e oh Felicity is so pretty, and unique. Anna :) BTW I fell behind with my blogging, as you can see catching up, however, please do not feel obligated to comment back on all of the, I understand, it is more my fault. Thanks for understanding, Anna :)