04 December 2008

Cape Buffalo

In all our years of visiting the Addo Elephant National Park this was the fiirst time we encountered the herd of buffalo during the day. Don't be fooled by the docile bovine look, this is one of the most dangerous animals you will encounter in the African bush, when it is provoled.

The big guy ................

.........and the little guy


Firefly said...

Here is an interesting story about the Addo buffalo. In the mid to late 1800's when all the lions and rhino and most of the elephants were shot out, the buffalo moved into the thick bush and started to only come out when it was night. The thinking behind it was that the hunters were only hunting during the day. They became nocturnal in many ways. That is why so few people got to see them in the Park. When National Parks released the lions about six years ago, the buffalo got a bit of a shock to the system. Lions hunt mostly in the late afternoon / early evening and around the thick bush which meant that this put the buffalo in harms way. So since then they started reverting back to their natural ways of moving around during the day and spending a lot more time in the open spaces. So technically it is thanks to the lione that the buffalo is now so visible.

Cheesy said...

That's some horny dude!


He's seriously cute

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Monica said...

He is adorable!

Monica said...

He is adorable!

Monica said...

He is adorable!


i wanna give me buffalos a pet!

Rose said...

The little guy is cute--but I always remember a story I read as a kid in school about how dangerous the adults are.

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