20 December 2008

World Cup Soccer Stadium

I visted the World Cup Soccer Stadium yesterday afternoon and for the for the first time since the project started, I got feeling of real excitement when I saw the progress and the buzz on the site. Somehow, the roof cladding has made the difference.

Now for confession time - I have been watching this development rather dispassionately, over the past months. Perhaps it is because I am not a soccer fan, or maybe it is because I can't understand why billions of rands are spent on a structure, where a few games will be played ..................... and then its all over.

On the positive side, we will have a world class stadium that can be used to attact more big games to the city. You cannot deny that these days "sport = big bucks" - so bring it on and let the city benefit.

If you are interested I will be posting more pictures of the stadium on Port Elizabeth Daily Photo over the next few days.


Kitt10's said...

Thanks for sharing. I will be following with interest.

Anonymous said...

Great job

Rob Innis said...

Good luck with this! I hope the project goes better than Wembley did!

Anonymous said...

I like your blog :)