20 June 2010

Let the games begin

The World Cup Soccer is in full swing and like so many people from around the world, I have been following the games, even though the mere mention of the acronym FIFA causes me to break out in a rash.  This is perhaps why I have enjoyed the way the recent Kulula advertisements have rubbed FIFA up the wrong way. 

The FIFA lawyers did demand that Kulula withdraw their advert, but this merely prompted Kulula to broaden their campaign. The best being their April fools claim that they registered the sky as a trademark. Not all of the sky, just the sky between 10 thousand and 33 thousand feet, because that is where they operate. So if anyone, including Fifa shows a picture with some sky in it, they will be in contravention of the trademark.

Photographed flying over Port Elizabeth below 10,000 feet

If you enjoy good advertising and humour, here are some links to follow:

Go for it Kulula, you have my support.


Nature ID said...

Totally love your links. My favorite is the "Our Boys Lost" tissue. Thanks for sharing.

Pixel said...

Wow, totally awesome! That's a unique way design for a PLANE!!!

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Firefly said...

FIFA has assured that Kulula gets more publicity than they bargined for when they decided on the first ad campaign. LOL