23 June 2010

Urban poleaxe

Whenever I take pictures in the city I try to avoid the lamp poles, even though they are very much a part of the urban landscape. However, after today I will look at lamp poles differently.

We get fairly regular updates from our neighbourhood watch, on what is happening on the crime front and I was really amused by part of this mornings report:
Three out of town wanderers broke into a car in Bain Street on Saturday eve but what they were unaware of was that the owners of the vehicle were braai-ing (barbaque) close by and heard the noise, and these Capetonians were not happy about their small back window being broken. One of these gremlins took off with great haste only to be stopped in his tracks when he ran straight into a pole and landed flat on his back. Way to go pole.
When these guys run away it is at a great speed, so this must have been quite a spectacular stop. Couldn't have happened to a more deserving person. Unfortunately the other two got away, but this fellow is firmly ensconced in the Humewood police cells.

1 comment:

Firefly said...

Freekin idiots. Its good that they have the one. Perhaps he will give up his buddies. Nice sunrise by the way.