16 June 2010

Tales of snow and lions

This week has been marked with high winds, driving rain and snow in the mountains of the Eastern and Western Cape. It has also been very cold and we have heard that we are experiencing the coldest winter in 50 years.

With today being a public holiday the family jumped into the car and set off to see if we could find someof that snow. The first decision was which direction to take. We decided on Grahamstown, because there had been a heavy snowfall there, but of course the likelihood of any snow still being around was very remote. If not, we would still enjoy the drive we reasoned.

On the way granny announced that she would give R5 to the person who sees the snow first. Ethan immediately saw snow, but of course that was an effort to extort R5 from granny.

Grampa immediately raised the odds. "I will give R100 to the first person who sees a panda bear!"

This prompts a family debate about the likelihood of seeing a panda alongside the road, so grampa reluctantly decides to change the odds. "Ok, make that a lion." As an after thought he adds, "Make that a growly lion and not a smiley one."

So, what are the odds of seeing a lion alongside the road to Grahamstown? Not totally impossible, if the cat proof fencing, bounding the many private game parks on the way, is any indication. We have often seen eland, wildebees, zebras, blesbuck and impala in the area. And lions? Never.

As expected the snow had melted long before we arrived in Grahamstown, but we had a good lunch and then drove to a viewpoint outside the city and behold there in the distance was snow. If you look carefully (very carefully) at this photo you will see snow. Those white specs on the mountains in the distance...........you may want to try a magnifying glass.

We decided to go home via Alicedale and had not travelled very far when Jason, my son-in-law, said, "There's a lion!"

"Not possible," I think to myself. The car came to a sudden stop and we all baled out and sure enough, there was a lion.

"It's a smiley lion, not a growly lion," said grampa. 

 "It's a lion," granny replied not agreeing with him, "pay up."

After a brief debate on the nature of the lion, grampa reluctantly brought out his wallet and paid up. There are some arguments he reasoned with himself that cannot be won.

I still think it was a smiley lion. What do you think?


Anna said...

lol Max-e you want to see more snow, head my way, lol, in December. Kidding aside, it really sound funny for you to chase the snow. But then we have been experiencing hot spring here, some wild temperatures. Thanks for sharing, I absolutely love the first photo, and your story narration. Anna :)

Firefly said...

We also wanted to drive out to go and find snow, but I wasn't willing to take a longer road trip than Grahamstown. So we decided that in all likelyhood the snow would be gone and stayed home. I imagine there would still be lots about around Hogsback, Graaff Reinet and further afield, but I don't want to drive that far for a day trip. As for the lion, smiling or not, thats an awesome find.

Anonymous said...

You crack me up, Max! What a grand adventure! Like Anna, we have plenty of snow come December, January and February. You and Sue are officially invited to come and join in the commiseration any time. :) We are thrilled to have heat and humidity right now after the winter we just survived!

Lynda said...

A great story!
No snow here, but my huskies are fighting over the heater.

shabby girl said...

I think this is a great story! LOL! Yeah, she looks pretty contented there. I may have sided with Grandpa!

katney said...

A wonderful grandparent/grandchildren/ and the generation between story. We camp with the grandkids next week and I hope our adventures are as good.

And after all, it was a lion.

rapunzel said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I did remember this post about the lion and what fun story it was.