17 June 2010

Skywatch Friday - Edge of the World?

The world is flat? Well it certainly looks like it may be. Actually this is a road that goes over the top of one of the highest points at the Mountain Zebra National Park.

So while we are at the Mountain Zebra National Park, let's check out and enjoy one of the mountain zebras.

For more great pictures from around the world visit the Skywatch website 


Judy said...

I would be a little bit nervous driving up that hill! Okay, a lot nervous!

sonia a. mascaro said...

I can imagine such a great view!
Love zebras.
Great photo, Max.

Elizabeth said...

OMG is that the road??!! Love the zebra.

Cai - weekdayphotos.com said...

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Firefly said...

We spent a weekend in Cradock a year or two ago and popped up to visit the Mountain Zebra Nat Park. Unfortunately it was a wet day and we didn't see much. I want to go again as soon as I get an opportunity.

Rose said...

That really does have the appearance of driving off into nothing!