25 June 2010

Pied Starling

The Pied Starlings that have taken up residence at the Nanaga Farm Stall are quite tame, but like all birds they refuse to pose. I think that they take a perverse pleasure in baiting photographers.

While the family was waiting patiently for me in the car, I was stalking these characters trying to get the perfect shot. Wishful thinking.

I must say that I prefer the Afrikaans name for the Pied Starling, it is much more discriptive - Witgatspreeu. Literally translated one could call it a White Bum Starling. Of course you could more descriptive words in the centre if you wanted to.

1 comment:

shabby girl said...

I like your translation better! They do look like characters, and I can picture you stalking after them...LOL!
These little white bums are what I like to call a milormore bum (One you can see for a mile or more)