07 August 2008

Frustrations, frustrations, frustrations!

Not being able to post pictures for a week has been a source of frustration.

In my frustration I transferred all my files to Wordpress, but to be quite honest I prefer Blogger.

I have done some experimenting and have discovered that I can upload pictures via my cell phone, so I can only concude that the problem does not lie with my Blogger account, but with my service provider.

I was assured the other day that the problem does not lie with them, but will now chase them up, until they sort it out.

Here is hoping that I get this resolved tomorrow.


Pernille's ting og tang said...

I hope that it will be all right for you soon:)
Have a lovely weekend:)

Petunia said...

I know that frutration:( I hope you son will be able to post pictures. They are always so great:)

Have a nive weekend though!