05 August 2008

Life with Suzie – Lead foot

Suzie loves driving and especially loves fast cars; well if they are not fast she will make them fast. I have for many years called her lead foot.

For some “perverse” reason I usually let her drive. One day she very magnanimously asked if I would like to drive her car - a 2 litre Opel Kadett IS (Aka "Bloublitz" - "Blue Lightning") - complete with a high performance chip.

“No”, I replied, “I have not yet had my adrenalin rush for the day”. That was definitely a challenge.

The kids used to take a great delight in telling me, “Mom says, you are not cutting it fine until you see the whites of their eyes”.

Admittedly she generally sticks to the speed limit and is a safe driver, but likes a quick get away.


Firefly said...

Untill you see the whites of who's eyes? I hope not the pedestrians. Remind me to walk way onto the pavement when I see Suzie coming.

Susanne49 said...

I liked that one with the "adrenalin rush for the day". Great post!:-)

Kerri said...

Cute!! I always thought it was the husbands with the lead foot :)