07 August 2008

New home

Blogger is either unable or unwilling to sort out our upload problems. Suzi-k and I have not been able to post pictures on any of our four blog sites since Sunday.

I have enjoyed using Blogger, but they have left me with no alternative but relocate The Max Files to a new home at Wordpress.


Firefly said...

"I will follow you. Follow you where ever you may go." Sorry I don't know the rest of the words. Remember to post your new address here as well.

Firefly said...

Oops, I see the link is there, but there seems to be a couple of bugs on the other side. Will pop in later

Katney said...

I haven't clicked over to the new venue yet. Sorry you have had this problem. After the combination fo Blogger misidentified spammers and Sitemeter's bug at the same time last week, I though everything was fixed. Now I will go see how things go "over there."