19 July 2010

The Cockscomb Mountain

The Cockscomb Mountain is one of the most prominent features in this area - wherever you go you will get a view of it. This picture was taken on a farm in the foothills of the Groot Winterhoek Mountain Range.

For more pictures, follow the Cockscomb Mountain link in the side bar.


Naquillity said...

looks like rugged country but beautiful in its own right. thanks for sharing. hope all is well.

Firefly said...

I know the Cockscomb mountain from afar casue you can see it from the N2 at JBay, the Gamtoos Valley and Addo, but I have never been closer to explore the area around it better.

SWUBIRD said...

I see you're still knocking them dead with these great shots. Believe it or not, this scene looks very similar to the environment where I grew up, which as in the great Mojave Desert.

Well done.

Happy trails.

Marmsk said...

Lovely photo as usual.