17 July 2010

Flowers of the Eastern Cape #9 - Arum Lily

Spotted in Albert Road, Walmer this week. The arum lily, Zantedeschia aethiopica is very common throughout in this area and has become a popular garden plant.


Paty said...

We in Mexico call this "alcatraz" same pronunciation as the infamous Alcatraz Island in San Fransicso Bay. It's also thought of as the "death" lily as characterized in death scenes in literature and theater.

In the Northwest U.S. I could grow it in full sun or shade. The blossoms make lovely cut flowers and are especially nice in an Asian-type arrangement when pushed into a needle-type frog, with the stems cut quite long. In Mexico it does better in partial shade as the sun is quite fierce here at 20 degrees latitude.

Firefly said...

I just love driving through the Tsitsikamma and going to Storms River Mouth and seeing these grow wild (and BIG)