03 July 2010

More planes

I do not know if I fall into the category of aircraft groupie or aircraft paparazzi, or shall I just say enthusiast. These photos were taken at the Port Elizabeth yesterday, when about 200 aircraft ferrying fans descended on the city.

P4-MES Roman Abramovich's Boeing 767-33A/ER. Note the cheeky smile.

I am glad to see that Kulula was flying the fans in as well, complete with their soccer branding, after their spat with FIFA over their "Unofficial National Carrrier of the "You Know What'" advertisement.

Tail and wing tips of SAA Airbus A340-200, ZS-SLB. I really like these colours. 


EG Wow said...

It looks like a HUGE plane. The colours are distinctive!

Anna said...

I saw once in Japan totally painted big jumbo jet with cartoon characters. So interesting to watch. Excellent showcase here too, love the kutula loves soccer, lol. Anna :)