07 July 2010

Soccer fever - The end is nigh

Ole Spain!

Well this World Cup has certainly been a time of upsets with all the "favourites" being systamatically eliminated. And what bad sports some of the nations have been, with the fans frothing at the mouth, coaches being fired, countries going into mourning and the politicians calling the soccer bosses to book.

It has certainly become more than just a game.

It is now up to Spain and Netherlands to fight it out for first spot on Sunday night. My dilemma is who to support, as these are my two favourite teams - after South Africa of course. Sundays match promises to be a good game.

Our friends are very enthusiastic supporters of Spain. This shot was taken after Spain beat Uruguay. They probably looked even happier when Spain beat Germany evening.


Firefly said...

I can smell the end of the tournament and even though this has been a fantastic event and South Africa got super exposure, I am kinda glad its nearly over. I hope Holland takes the trophy.

Ps *little whispering voice* Spain beat Paraguay in the quarters.

Avril said...

My hubby is a Spain supporter !

Mar said...

Came back to see the picture! it's a great one! now Le Tour is on ;)
Go Contador, go Spain!!