12 July 2010


One of the frogs I recently came across in a pool in the Karoo. They look quite cute and innocent don't they?
Don't be fooled - I think they take a perverse pleasure in tormenting humans.

We once had a fishpond in our garden, which was nice feature, until the local frog population moved in. It was like having a herd of donkeys in the yard. When they started croaking sleep was impossible.

No problem, they were easy enough to catch and relocate to the empty plot across the road or to the neighbours yard. What I soon discovered was that relocation only provided temporary relief, because frogs seem to have an uncanny ability to return. The next night it seemed that they had all come back and had probably brought a few cousins with them.

The noise was horrendous. My son and I went on a frog hunt and captured fourteen bull frogs, which we put in a bucket and relocated in a river, about two kilometres from our home. They must have been happy there, because we has peace for a while.

The lesson is simple. If you ever have croaking frog problems and need to relocate them, take them as far away as possible, otherwise they will be back.


Firefly said...

Its nice to have one or two in the garden pond, but a whole population can croak you into your neighbours' bad books.

Its sometimes hard to believe that there are big frog populations in the arid Karoo.

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

LOL!! I had to laugh at this Max because I LOVE the sound of the frogs at night and miss it now I am back in town again. :)

But lets face it, that is not the kind of night symphony everyone enjoys.

Kerri said...

Hi Max - Thanks for stopping by my blog!!

Your frog capture is fabulous!