10 July 2010

Soccer Fever - Germany vs Uruguay (and Paul the Octopus?)

This is where the battle for third place, in the Soccer World Cup, will take place tonight at 8:30 pm. If we can believe the predictions of Paul the Octopus, Germany will win. If you have not heard of Paul, Google him, he has become quite a celebrity, with his accurate predictions of who the winners were going to be.

View of the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium from Richmond Park

Do I believe Paul's predictions? No I don't, but I hope he is right.

POST SCRIPT: So Paul was right. Germany did win. If Paul's predictions are always right it will mean that Spain will win tomorrow? I guess we will have to wait and see.


Avril said...

My hubby is supporting Spain and our daughter has just left home with orange ribbons in her hair .. she and boyfriend are going to a Fan Park to enjoy the festivities and watch the game !

ruma2008 said...

The scene is really beautiful.

Your photography is splendid.

Thank you for showing a wonderful moment...

From the Far East.