29 August 2007

Algoa Bay was in good form this evening with the spring tide. Stopped in at Brighton Pier and caught this shot. Two very disappointed fishermen arrived while I was enjoying the view - sorry guys no fishing from here fo a while. This happens from time to time - see the Moods of Algoa Bay.

View up the coast towards Bluewater Bay and the Swartkops River estuary.

As I was on a roll I decided to stop in at the break water, at North End. I was in time get a few shots before it got too dark. I took pictures of this view in an earlier post, when the sea was being much kinder and gave a good view of the harbour.

I ran across the railway lines to get this shot of Port Elizabeth before the next wave struck. Nice view of the city centre, with Richmond Hill in the background.
Our city fathers were not very forward thinking in the old days and built the railway line on what was once pristine beaches. Fortunately today's city fathers are more forward thinking and there is an ambitious plan to reclaim a two kilometre stretch of the water front. I am watching this development with keen interest

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