16 August 2007

Beauty and the Beast

Sue and I have not been for an early morning stroll since before her knee op and this morning it was great to get back on the beat. There is so much to see and so many moods in the neighbourhoood.

The sunrise over Algoa Bay seen from Callington Street

The simple beauty of the sunlight catching the leaves of a coral tree

Reality check - the ever present reminder of crime in the country - a novel way to secure one's car

......... and people living like prisoners in their own homes

Then coming across this cheerful fellow. A throw back to the hippie era.......or a novel way to prevent car theft ...... it just wont blend in with the crowd................. or a just a cheerful owner.

A lovely view of historical homes at the end of Irvine Street

.. and then an in you face approach to the anti dumping sign.

But in all of this the beauty of nature is there for our pleasure, a flower from a coral tree.


karoline said...

what dichotomy!...wonderful photos..my eldest went to africa last summer and fell in luv with it...i'm sure he'll be back someday...

thankyou for stopping in my place, i shall leave a link to your blog there..


Max-e said...

Hi Karoline. This is a land of contrasts, but I do love Africa. It runs deeply in may veins. As with all places in the world there are positives and negatives - I prefer to look at the positives while keeping a realistic perspective on the negatives.