21 August 2007

The Nuclear Spectre

I have just had a horrible gut wrenching moment.

I posted a similar picture to this one recently, called Misty Seas, just to be able to share the beauty of the Cape coastline. I never gave it another thought until now.

There has been a lot of talk recently about building a series of nuclear power stations along our coast. South Africa is experiencing increasing power outages, as the power authority (Eskom) has grossly underestimated our power requirements and now needs to urgently build several power stations, to cope with demand.

And yes, you have guessed it. If the government has its way this scene may soon be blighted with a nuclear power station and the country side festooned with electricity cables.

This one was planned way back in the early 1980’s and has never been well received. To fund these developments, Eskom now plans to increase electricity tariffs by 18% in 2008 and 17% in 2009.

I am a skeptic where nuclear power is concerned and do not fancy the idea of living in the shadow of a nuclear power station. Unless any one can give me any compelling reasons to accept it, I have made a vow tonight to be at the forefront of the anti nuclear lobby.

Today I also learnt that the Congo River has the capacity to generate enough hydro-electric power to supply the whole of Africa. Maybe that is the way to go?

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Cheesy said...

That's how we power the Pacific NW... Hydro power.. and I do believe the Congo is much larger that the Columbia. But then the river would be forever changed by dams... there is always a downfall to technology I am afraid.