25 August 2007

Thank you for not smoking

Yesterday morning while I was stopped at the traffic lights I looked to the left and noticed the driver in the car next to me lighting up a cigarette. There he was, with windows closed and a passenger alongside him, belching out his toxic fumes.

In this day and age, when there has been so much publicity about the dangers of smoking, I find it hard to believe that people still smoke. What is even worse is that so many are quite happy to inflict their second hand smoke that has just come from their bowels, lungs or wherever it disappears to after they have taken a draw, on others. But, like the infomercial, that is not all, they also leave behind the residue – the stinky cigarette smell that permeates your clothes and skin and hair.
What is it about smokers that they just don’t get it? The messages on today’s cigarette packs say such nice things things like, “Smoking causes cancer” or “Your smoke is harmful to those around you” – but still they smoke. Is it because they enjoy it or is it just an addiction.
Would you buy toy for your child that had a warning label, which said something like. “Lead based paints. Do not put in mouth”. (by the way a lot of Chinese manufactured toys are being withdrawn from the market for that reason – only thing is they did not carry the warning)

I aint gonna change them, so smokers just keep your smoke away from me.

By the way have you seen the movie “Thank You for Smoking”? Even as a non smoker I enjoyed its portrayal the tobacco industries's chief spokesman, Nick Naylor, who spins on behalf of cigarettes while trying to be a role model for his twelve-year-old son. There are also some brilliant interactions with his friends who represented the pro-alcohol and pro-gun lobbies. Very amusing indeed.

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