17 August 2007


I took this picture in a particularly desolate and arid part of the Eastern Cape, between Steytlerville and Jansenville some years ago. What struck me was the name on the gate "Vrede" - that is the Afrikaans word for peace.

It got me thinking that peace obviously means different things to different people.

I love the solitude, the beauty and the aridness of the area..........but I am not so sure that it would be my idea of peace. I have also reached that stage in life where I like my creature comforts and would start getting restless after a while.

But there is no denying that someone found peace here.

What is your idea of peace?


karoline said...

such a simple word, such a simple little word, will we ever attain it?

and what happens when you die for it?

a very thought provoking post maxE..thankyou for sharing..


Max-e said...

yes it is amazing where some people find peace. but true peace can only come from within. we knew a couple who got on a yacht and travelled to exotic places and while they found paradise they had no peace.