29 August 2007

Going Green

Well I am now officially a "green" if that is the right terminology.
After a quick investigation into nuclear power (the internet has so much information on the subject), I decided I definitely don't want to live with a nuclear power station on my door step.

So I have now officially joined the anti-nuclear lobby, albeit as a lone ranger. I am registered as an interested party on the Eskom (electricity supply authority) database, I have signed onto an Environmental website and have submitted my first comments (which has already been acknowledged).
What I wrote is probably a lot of frothy drivel, because it was done in a hurry, to meet 28 August deadline and quite frankly is not my area of expertise. But that is the beauty of our new democracy, "those in power" take the time to listen.

In a previous job I spent 12 years of my life lobbying the former government and fighting them on many issues and have come to realise that I have been missing the the cut and thrust of fighting for a good cause. I am back.

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