19 August 2007

Just Elephants

I love Africa. This moring I woke up wanting to see elephants - well the rest is history. The Addo Elephant National Park is just 70 kilometres from our front door. Once faced with extinction the Addo elephants were saved with the creation of the park.

One of the many herds.............

The big guy

Up close and personal

Another big guy

Having a drink

Candidate for nip tuck?

Getting together

Saying hello

Rear view

Shower time

Enjoying a drink


Shrink Wrapped Scream said...

Oooooh, thank you for that, I've stayed in "Tree-Tops" a couple of times, and it was always the elephants that really got to me. Do you know they cry? You are so blessed. I would give anything to live where you do. (Smile)

Max-e said...

Elephants are really amazing. They have such awesome power yet can be so gentle. Watching them today was a real treat - each one displaying its own unique character. Living in the Eastern Cape is a real blessing in many ways.

Cheesy said...

How the hell lucky are you!!!

Max-e said...

Hi Cheesy, living in Africa that could be a rhetorical question. But I take it you mean the elephants. Yes we are lucky. We have tremendous diversity in our area. On our way back from the park we stooped "illegally on the freeway to watch a pair of southern right whales swimming by. It is awesome to be able to see all these animals on our "doorstep".