25 May 2010

Flowers of the Eastern Cape #3 Proteas

This week's selection is quite magnificent - a protea bonanza.

These flowers are endemic to the area and are still putting on a great show.

Reminds me of an incident Sue told me about many, many years ago. A new stamp cover with proteas had just been released. She happened to go to the post office to buy stamps at the time and when she received them, started raving very enthusiastically about their beauty, as only she can do. The surly guy who was serving her muttered, "They're just rubbish flowers." What a sad fellow he must have been.

King Protea opening up.

Protea Eximia                                                 

Protea Repens

Getting close up and personal with a Protea Eximia.


Paty said...

Just lovely!! And thanks for showing us the different types. I wonder if we could grow these in the highlands of Mexico. We're considered subtropical but right now is the hottest time of year (31C+) and very dry--8-15% humidity. The rains come the first part of June--hurray!!

Max-e said...

Hi Paty, not sure what the climate is like where you live, but these plants are happiest in the winter rainfall areas. They are very hardy though. I also came across a blog where it was mentioned that proteas were being cultivated in Hawai, so who knows they may do well in your area.

Naquillity said...

oh these are beautiful flowers. that guy is a sad guy indeed. how can some not notice what beauty lies around them? hope all is well.

Firefly said...

Yeh, yeh, I have lots of favorate flowers, but proteas must be very close to, if not right at the top of my list. Its always great seeing wild proteas next to the road and visiting a protea farm is awesome.