18 May 2010

Flowers of the Eastern Cape #2 - Shades of Autumn

I had no problem in finding flowers for this weeks post, the problem was what to choose.

The choice in the end was simple. It is now late Autumn and it is that time of the year we associate with yellows and oranges. The Eastern Cape is no exception, so enjoy what I captured this weekend.

Bauhenia galpinii, looking stunning against a blue sky. It is not strictly an Eastern Cape plant, but who could resist its beauty.

Strelitzia regina, also known as the crane flower or bird of paradise.

Strelitzia juncea. It had its debut in #1 of this series.

Metalasia auria, a plant that is very common in this area. 

A very tied looking Berkheya decurrens.

This could be a young Aloe arborescens. The Eastern Cape will soon be glowing as the aloes start to flower.

And that is a sample of Autumn in the Eastern Cape.


Naquillity said...

Bird of Paradise is my favorite in this series and next would be the Bauhenia galpinii. thanks for sharing these flowers. hope all is well.

Firefly said...

I have never pretended to be a botonist and thus don't really know much about plants and specially their names. But I know beautiful when I see it. I normally can't wait for the aloe to start flowering.