21 May 2010

Karoo Kameos #3 - an old "Pony"

This old lady, a Massey Harris Pony, was cutting lucerne on a Karoo farm, until a few years ago. Did I say a few years? Judging from the amount of dirt she is standing in, it may have been more than a few years. She has been pesnsioned off in a shed, alongside the now fallow fields, but her owner is convinced that if she is given a new battery, she will start without any trouble.

Spare  a thought for the poor driver who had to spend his day in that seat. Having ploughed many a furrow sitting in a similar seat, I can assure you that they get very uncomfortable after a while. At least the instrumentation was simple.

These tractors were produced between 1947 and 1957 and I believe that they have become collectors items. She just looks like a project waiting to be lovingly restored.


Titania said...

Memories; we lived on a grazing property and a Massey Feguson was the IN tractor. There were many around very old ones but nobody thought of collecting them. Perhaps somebody will restore this old "Pony".
I do like your SWF photos. The bird in flight under this thunderous sky is very beautiful and love the subtle colours of the bird in the scrub.
If it is al right I add you to my blogroll. Cheers T.

Kcalpesh said...

Wow what a find! Those are really very old tractors!

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Naquillity said...

now that's an old tractor but wonderful pics of it. i think it will be a nice project for someone who likes such collectibles. have a great weekend.

Max-e said...

No problem titania

NanU said...

That tractor reminds me so much of my grandfather's! Same color, could have been the same model. His had a little less rust and dirt, and he used to take us riding around the yard on it. All gone for junk now.
Thanks for the memory!

sonia a. mascaro said...

Really an amazing old tractors!
Did I told you that my husband loves old cars? He also had an old tractor too.

Thanks for your nice comment about my grandson Daniel. The grandparents club is a pretty good one to be in!
Have a nice weekend!

Firefly said...

She needs to be retired to a museum or somewhere nice