19 May 2010

A quiz or is that a curiosity - answer

Firefly, I could possibly award you for your answer, because some of these items may be found among the Motherwell daisies, but it is not the answer.

If you said containers, you would have been right, up to a point, but since when was an umbrella a container, especially one that is longer than 40cm.

Believe it or not they are all classified as dangerous objects, along with some really dangerous objects, under the “2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa Special Measures Safety and Security Regulations, 2009”. Pant, pant, pant - that was quite a mouthful.

So, the way I see it, if you thought that you could take your bottle of sparkling water or carton of liquid fruit into a soccer stadium forget it. It has been decreed that they are “dangerous objects”.

I can just see the headline, "SOCCER FAN BLUDGEONED TO DEATH WITH MILK CARTON"................

It seems to me that the only danger these types of containers will pose is to a few lost sales, for those who will be pedalling their wares at extortionate prices at the games. Or are soccer fans really that bad? I think not.

And don't forget, if you take an umbrella to a soccer match, make sure that it is not longer than 40cm.

If anything shoud have been declared a "dangerous object" it is the dreaded vuvuzela (a horrible rowdy plastic horn, for the uninformed). Or maybe they could limit the length of the vuvuzela to 5cm.


Naquillity said...

i wouldn't have guessed these items to be dangerous objects. i'm guessing it's the intent of the beholder that makes them so.

Max-e said...

Naquility, I believe that it is good to tighten up on security, but the cynic in me says that some of these provisions have more to do with $ & c than security.

katney said...

I think that the thinking in regards to the beverage containers actually addresses the things other than beverages that one could put into them.