17 May 2010

Tuesday's Trees #17 - Strelitzia alba and nicolai

Way back in 2008 I started a series I called Tuesday's Trees and stopped after 16 posts.  I have decided to reinstate this series, because I have collected many more tree pictures since then.

I thought the tree Strelitzias would be a good starting point.

The Strelitzia alba grows in the forests of the Southern Cape and this grove can be seen along the road  as you travel up the Grootrivier Pass from nature's Valley.

The Strelizia alba grows to a height of about 10 metres (33 feet). We had some of these in the garden of our previous home. They are nice, but very messy.

This flower is from the Strelitzia nocolai, which grows naturally further north along the coast Eastern Cape and Kwazulu Natal Coast into Mocambique. It also occurs in Zimbabwe. I chose this flower, because I do not have one from the Strelizia alba. The difference between the two is that the flowers from the Strelitzia alba are completely white and lack the blue that is present in its cousins.

I have heard that the Strelitzia regina has become quite prolific in California. I would be interested to know if the tree Strelitzias have been introduced there as well?


Paty said...

I live in the central highlands of Mexico, just south of Guadalajara. We have this tree in several places. It's called a White Bird of Paradise since it's flowers resemble the more common B of P. They get quite large here too, but are slow growers.

Firefly said...

I prefer the normal Strelitzia flowers over the trees. Less mess looking and more colourful.