03 May 2010

Karoo Kameos #2 - ...things bright and beautiful

I will definitely have to find out more about butterflies - I think this is one of the Monarch species.

It struck me as strange that they are still around with winter just around the corner. But then we have been have lovely warm and sunny days and many flowers are still blooming, as they do all year round in the Eastern cape, so why should the butterflies also not hang around to enjoy them.

The plumbgos an be seen every where as they are now in full bloom and make a beautiful display in many gardens, in the bush and along the roads.

The gazanias are never disappointing. They may be very non-descript until the sun comes out and you are rewarded with a beatiful display of colour.


Firefly said...

Sometimes I think we have more flowers gere in Autumn than some countries get in spring.

Annelie said...

Fun this with blogging, how you can make connections from all over the world.
So much to discover in nature, feels like you can't keep up sometimes. Just like you I was thinking I need to learn more about butterflies as they start making appearances in the garden.
Lovely pictures of the plants. Funny ones with the plants in the shoes.
And I like your comment about the marked seagull who married young.

Kerri said...

WHAT a SUPER shot of the butterfly. I think you might have a Painted Lady here! Whatever it is - it is GORGEOUS!

katney said...

I was also going to say that the butterfly looks like our Painted Ladies--which, I think, are a variety of Fritterary.

The low pale purple flowers make me think of phlox.