25 May 2010

Tuesdays Teees #18 - End of an era

The Baakens River Valley is a nature reserve that bisects a large part of the city and is home to a variety of wildlife and indigenous vegetation. Over the years alien invaders have also made the valley their home threatening the local fauna and flora. Though many of these are impressive trees, they suck up a lot of water and destroy the indigenous vegetation in their immediate vicinity.  

The blue gum invaders have been systematically ring-barked and most have now died off and will soon be replaced by the local vegetation.

These blue gum branches look like gnarled fingers reaching for the sky in a last desperate attempt at survival.


Firefly said...

Its good to see that an effort is made to get rid of the alien trees. Settlers Park is a good start, but there are still many more that need eradicating.

Naquillity said...

wonderful photos. good to know that plant and wildlife will once again thrive despite the loss of the blue gum tree. have a great day.

rapunzel said...

Nice shot with the beautiful blue sky as the background. Like your description of the blue gum branches.