18 May 2010

How do I get "legal"

Is it just me or are there others who use Blogger who are unable to schedule posts?

Whenever I set the time the system tells me, "Illegal post time (format is: hh:mm AM/PM)". This is all  frighfully formal and bureaucratic and of absolutely no use to man or beast. That was what I did in the first place and then when I try to be "legal" as instructed, I and still informed that my format it is illegal.

Can anyone tell me how to "legally" format the dates? I have even trie channg the date format.

In the meantime I will continue to use the automatic version.

For those of you who followed a broken link to my site I apologise as those posts were not yet ready to be published


SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

LOL!! Poor you!!

09:25:00 AM 18:53:00 PM

Try these Max!! :) The AM and PM must be capitals.

NanU said...

I've just given up on scheduled posting. Whenever I try, it just posts right away, no matter what.

livibetter said...

I can schedule a post. I just modified (pushed it one hour later) the published time field, didn't encounter any problem.

Naomi Johnson said...

I frequently schedule posts and have never encountered a problem. Whether it's 12:01 AM or 11:59 PM, it all seems to work for me.

katney said...

On Blogger Help Forum we are seeing a few reports of scheduling problems. One that I was able to reproduce was after scheduling one post then trying to to another , the first scheduled psot turned to a draft.

I've had your illegal date or time message before and actually found that I had left the AM to be am or aM or something. But if it's all kosher, I don't know what to tell you--except I will watch for answers to similar problems on the forum.

katney said...

A question, Max. Are you using the 24 hour clock time by any chance? If you put in 13:05 PM instead of 01:05 PM, it might make Blogger hiccup.

Max-e said...

Hi everyone, thanks for all the advice and suggestions.
I have tried them all and more, but Blogger remains a dog...and is still totally uncompromising and legalist. So for now it seems like there will be no scheduling for me, but I will persist.