16 August 2010

Carry on Trucking

This is one of those classic "Oh shit!" moments, which you read about in newspapers but never get to see. Or so one thinks.

At first when the traffic ground to a halt, we wondered what the problem was.

As we got closer the problem became more apparent.

Or should I say obvious.

Yes it was firmly stuck under the bridge.

It was not about to be solved by letting down the tyres. There was a massive tow truck attached to the back of this rig, which was about to pull it out.


Firefly said...

You sure it wasn't just a case of him transporting the bridge? I wouldn't have believed this if you didn't have pics.

Naquillity said...

definitely a bad situation. i wouldn't want to be that driver who had to call this in to his boss. was there a lot of damage to the underside of the bridge? i'm guessing there was.

katney said...

Oh, dear. That is the reason that bridges here are marked for clearance distance. Of course, it only works if the driver knows how tall the load is.

For a more extreme story of a clearance issue--a number of years ago we had our house moved. Quite a project. Our mover had a scrapbook of his and other noteworthy house moves. One was a newspaper clipping which recounted how he had stopped to check that the house he was moving would clear some utility wires. Fortunately for him, he was walking around the rig viewing the spacing when the train came around the bend and demolished the house.