07 August 2010

The great dog/ cat debate finally resolved

I have often listened to debates on the subject of which make better pets, dogs or cats and they are always inconclusive.

It is like asking someone the question, “Which is the best flavour of ice cream, chocolate or vanilla?” It is a matter of taste; you either like chocolate or you like vanilla. Or is it that simple? Surely one must be better than the other, in spite of taste differences.

Think of the debate in terms of wine. Many people will be happy with a bottle of plonk with a screw cap, but the connoisseur will be satisfied with nothing less than a wine of distinction.

You have to remove subjective opinion from the debate and look at it with cold hard facts. When you approach it in this manner, you will see that a cat is like a wine of distinction and a dog is like a bottle of plonk.

Here are ten facts that prove my point:

What more can I say?


Avril said...

I must say you have a gorgeous kitty!!! We had two but after they went to 'kitty heaven' hubby wouldn't have anymore, sad to say - we have two dogs, one a very old lab and an oldish Jack Russell.

Thanks for your comment on my 'Blogger' .. hope you move over to my 'Wordpress' .. even though I am fumbling my way through it, I am getting used to it ... and reducing the size of my photos. I didn't know how to reduce the sizes but one quick lesson - and I am A for away !!!

why Egypt ? said...

me love pet birds m and i have some

Naquillity said...

your cat is beautiful and those blue eyes... one could get lost in them. love the debate but i have to say i love both cats/ dogs as i have both. have a great day.

Titania said...

You have a point. The cat is beautiful. I have a Jack Russell and he is a handful. He has a few good points!

Naomi Johnson said...

You've just died, locked in your house with cat and dog. The dog will have to be starving before he considers taking a bite out of his kind master. The cat will immediately start chewing on you, that's all he ever really wanted you for anyway.

Anonymous said...

A very interesting view of cat/dog. That is life, old boy, humans tender to have the same instincts. You can't leave a child behind, you can't leave a sick person behind, etc, etc,. Everyone to their own taste, except you can't take a cat hiking. You can take a dog anywhere hiking, and there is nothing better than a dog at your side. Give me a fighting-dog and I come alive.

sonia a. mascaro said...

Your cat is just beautiful!

Your view of cat and dogs is really interesting. Nevertheless, I am a dog people. LOL!

Judy said...

Well, it all depends on what you are looking for. Cats are great for a cuddle but pretty useless when you want company for a walk, while dogs are a pain when the wind chill is 40 below, especially with whiteout conditions.

Rose said...

These are all so true...and I really enjoyed reading them. Though I have four cats and love them all, I still say comparing cats to dogs is like comparing apples and oranges.

I have never had a cat defend me against what it thought was a threat...but have had one that kept other cats and dogs ran out of the yard.

I have had two or three friends whose cats loved to travel....I have never had a single one that didn't howl all the way to the vet.

But then, the last two dogs we had did not like riding either...but the ones before that were ready any time we were willing to take them.

Oh, well, still enjoyed the post...one of these days when things settle down, I have got to catch up on all I have missed here. I always did enjoy this blog.

katney said...

I think we know where you stand on this issue.

Mary said...

As a cat lover, I agree with this and thought it was very funny :-) Although I do have one cat who would make a good "attack cat"....just ask my vet who always has to knock this cat out to examine her. And her fur tending leaves something to be desired, too, being long haired and not able to reach the middle of her back. Otherwise...cats rule!